level® Certified Furniture Products Support LEED Pilot Credit

A new pilot credit in the LEED Rating System for “Certified Multi-attribute Products and Materials” (Pilot Credit 112) was launched recently that builds upon Pilot Credit 80 for “Environmentally Preferable Interior Finishes and Furnishings”. BIFMA’s level Certification Program is again listed as acceptable for use in LEED projects utilizing this pilot credit.

The intent of Pilot Credit 112 is to encourage the use of products and materials for which life-cycle information is available and that have environmentally and socially preferable life-cycle impacts. The credit was originally launched as Pilot Credit 80 in April of 2013 with the goal of testing how multi-attribute third party certifications effect positive change in manufacturing.

Pilot Credit 80 was removed and the new Pilot Credit 112 was issued in August 2016 with a broader scope and a continuous maintenance plan to increase the requirements for recognized programs to further align with LEED. Programs must include criteria for performing an LCA and assessing the six TRACI impact categories identified in LEED in order to remain listed. More information on the new pilot credit can be found at the following link:


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Brad is Director of Advocacy and Sustainability for the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA), the trade association for the office furniture industry. He coordinates the organization's advocacy activities and sustainability initiatives. He worked for two Members of the United States Congress for sixteen years prior to joining BIFMA and began his government experience in 1977 with Michigan’s State Legislature. He is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts.