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BIFMA congratulates developers of the first American National Standard for sustainability in the professional services industry, NSF/ANSI 391.1: General Sustainability Assessment Criteria for Professional Services. Furniture products meeting the LEVEL certification program are included in Section 9.2.7 for products in a Sustainable Supply Chain. Professional service providers can earn points as “office furniture shall be reused to the maximum extent possible, unwanted furniture shall be placed in a secondary market or recycled, and new furniture purchases or leases shall be LEVEL® or its equivalent”.

This is a big step forward in establishing a universal consensus on sustainability regardless of workplace business models or product variations. It’s a holistic approach to our ever-evolving activity and impact on the planet. Kudos to NSF International and the stalwart stakeholders from government, academia, and the professional services industry for their dedication to creating a meaningful measurement tool for that industry.

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Brad is Director of Advocacy and Sustainability for BIFMA, the trade association for the office furniture industry. He coordinates the organization's advocacy activities and sustainability initiatives.